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Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some questions we commonly get asked. If you have any additional questions or require further clarification, we encourage you to reach out to us!

Do I have to carry insurance on my vehicle?


Yes! You must have full coverage insurance on your vehicle at all times during the life of your lease. You acknowledged this by signing our Agreement to Provide Insurance, and this is also noted on your lease contract.

What if my payment is due before I get paid?


All of our leases are signed as monthly leases, due 30 days from the date of signing, and due on the same day each month. If your payment is due on the 10th but you get paid on the 17th, we would recommend you make your vehicle payment using your paycheck before the 10th.  There are no penalties for paying early, and you’re only helping yourself by doing so!

My payments are due once a month, but can I pay every two weeks when I get paid?


Absolutely! A large number of customers do this (and they find it way easier to budget!) Give Tina a call at 269-488-0701 to discuss switching your account from monthly to bi-weekly, bi-monthly, or weekly.

Do I have a warranty?


The dealership where you leased the vehicle may have a short-term warranty on your vehicle for the first few months – please give them a call to inquire. If you purchased an extended service contract, it will be listed on your contract under section 11 (Optional Products and Services). Most licensed repair facilities will accept the service contracts our dealerships sell, and they will need to know about the service contract prior to beginning any work on your vehicle.

Something came up and my payment may be late... what do I do?


Call us! If we don’t know something is going on, we will assume you’re just neglecting to make your payment and there may be consequences for that. Although we may not be able to help in every way that you want, we may have some options available for you. We encourage open and honest communication.

Who should I contact if I have mechanical issues with my vehicle?


You should contact the dealership where you leased the vehicle and ask who they would recommend you go to. If the dealership is unhelpful, give us a call at 269-488-0701.

What should I do if I get into an accident?


You should notify the police, your insurance company, and Tina at 269-488-0701. Tina will communicate directly with your insurance adjuster regarding your auto lease.

I'm moving out of state, can you give me the info needed to register my vehicle?


Per your lease agreement, you may not take the vehicle out of state for more than 30 days. We are a Michigan only leasing company and can only offer leases to Michigan residents. Please give us a call at 269-488-0701 for more information.

I haven't received my license plate, registration, or title. What should I do?


Your dealership will be handling your license plate and/or registration and you should contact them if you're still waiting. As for your title, we hold onto the title until your lease is paid off. We can give you a copy of it at anytime, just call us at 269-488-0701!

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