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GAP Claims

The documents below are required for all GAP claims. Missing documents may not only delay your claim from being paid out, it may also result in your claim being denied. Once documents are submitted, the GAP company might determine more documents are needed or they need to investigate further. Please be patient, however know that the quicker you get them the proper documentation, the quicker the claim can be paid out.

Documents from your insurance company:


Contact your adjuster or claims department to get a copy of these.

  • Your declarations page (you may also ask your insurance agent for this)

  • Total loss breakdown/worksheet

  • Total loss evaluation

  • Copy of the insurance settlement check (or any documents pertaining to it)

  • Police report (sometimes insurance companies will not have this, in which case you may need to contact the police department directly). If no police report was filed, ask your insurance company for a "cause of loss" letter.

Documents from your lender / lienholder:


Contact your lender for these documents. Your lender is typically who you make your payments to.

  • Payoff as of the date of loss

  • Payment history for the entire loan

  • Copy of the insurance settlement check (if you were unable to get it from the insurance company)

Documents from your dealership:


Contact your original dealership to get a copy of these documents.

  • Bookout sheet from date of sale

  • Buyer's order (or dealer invoice, if vehicle was purchased new)

  • Finance contract

  • Your GAP contract

  • Copy of any aftermarket warranties

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